Bushwick: Brooklyn’s New Energetic Cultural Core

The energy in Brooklyn is like no other. The styles and tastes of one neighborhood stir up new ideas and activity in the next one and so on, as though superlatives will be handed out: Friendliest, Trendiest, Most Tech, Hottest Scene. In this respect, Bushwick has proven itself a major player, going from a flickering, off-the-grid 20-watt bulb to 24/7 Friday Night Lights. Businesses, the bar scene, old-school bodegas, trendsetting galleries — all rapidly converge here as originals flourish and newcomers arrive every day. This may actually be Bushwick’s unique appeal: becoming the hottest of hot spots for the latest tech firm or ad agency doesn’t deter its longest-standing tattooed studio artist. And representing the authentic Brooklyn experience, even as New York’s “next and newest” pour in, is no easy feat. But this wildly changing, yet wild-at-heart neighborhood is undaunted. In fact, no other neighborhood in Brooklyn embodies “bring it” more.

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What’s more, the tech, media, advertising and information workforce that lives right in Brooklyn has exploded — 25 – 34 year-olds residing in Brooklyn is up more than 18.5% since 2000, with a massive increase in apartment building construction or renovation projects to handle the residential demand. Luckily for all Brooklynites, getting to Bushwick is quicker and easier than ever. Even Airbnb lists “great transit” as one of four top descriptions for the neighborhood, right alongside its undeniable status as a “cultural enclave.”

Eat / Drink

Heavy Woods

50 Wyckoff Ave

The Shop

234 Starr St

Left Hand Path

89 Wyckoff Ave

The Bodega

24 St Nicholas Ave

Pearl’s Social & Billy Club

40 St Nicholas Ave

Northeast Kingdom

18 Wyckoff Ave

Montana’s Trail House

455 Troutman St

The Cobra Club

6 Wyckoff Ave

The Rookery

425 Troutman St

Photo Gallery